New technologies are constantly emerging that have the capacity to drastically improve patient care, decrease wait times and provide a more comprehensive patient experience. From the replacement of expensive monitoring and recording systems with smartphones and tablets, to more modern and efficient IT systems, there is an almost countless number of ways for technology to positively impact healthcare.

We understand your industry

In the healthcare industry, perhaps more than any other, reliable technology, consistent uptime and immediate resolution when tech fails are paramount. With appointment times typically short and consult fees high, we understand how costly even a brief outage can be. We’re also aware that patient confidentiality and information security are integral, and we know the emphasis healthcare providers place on quality of care. We apply that same level of care to our clients, so we take all necessary steps to ensure the systems we implement work optimally at all times so the experience is a positive one for both patients and providers.

How we can help

Our healthcare industry experience spans a broad spectrum and includes providing our full managed services suite to both specialist practices and day hospitals. As such, we are aware of the high expectations attached to availability and performance of a hospital network and its telephony systems. We have successfully implemented an integrated call centre-style phone system that enables clinics to deal with a high call flow and improve call handling and service, and we have significant experience providing VIP support to doctors outside of core business hours.

Additionally, we are equipped to deliver the following software and solutions: