Our Capabilities


Our security capabilities are vast and we can provide solutions to match your priorities — from application, endpoint and network security, to email and systems security. We have experience designing and implementing a wide range of security measures for small businesses through to large enterprises and government entities, including federated authentication and delegated administration design.

Remote site deployments

Just because your site is remote, it doesn’t mean you’re beyond our scope. We can design an IT infrastructure to support scattered remote sites, and we can build servers, configure networks and assist with site stand-up. We also have a solid history of helping remote businesses overcome even the most challenging connectivity issues their locations present.

Networking rollouts

When it comes to large and complex network rollouts, we’ve got significant expertise under our belt. Our experience spans carrier networking to business networks, and we have broad exposure to many network vendors. Plus, with our innovative networking architecture, we can accommodate system shortcomings and solve even the trickiest of problems.

Desktop virtualisation

There are so many incentives to centralising user desktops, but the work involved often means businesses put this in the too-hard basket. With us, you can take it out of that basket. We have extensive experience designing and implementing desktop virtualisation, and we conduct testing to make sure everything we do is compatible with the software you have in place.

Infrastructure upgrades

Smart businesses know that having up-to-date tech enables you to work more efficiently and is critical to your business’s success. Infrastructure upgrades and refreshes typically occur on a 3-5-year cycle, and we have a proven track record when it comes to completely transforming infrastructure systems for small-to-medium-sized enterprises. We always aim to drive cost savings and improve performance and flexibility by using emerging technologies to challenge the usual offerings of traditional servers and shared storage.

Cloud migrations

We can move your existing workloads and services to the cloud, and we can help integrate your existing systems with cloud services such as Office 365. Drawing on our collective experience, we carefully plan the transition process so that any move from your on-premises storage and servers to the cloud involves minimal downtime and is so seamless you almost won’t notice it happening.

Unified communications

Integrated communications make it possible for your employees to discuss ideas and get their work done faster, and they also make it easier for you to work with other businesses. We can help improve your business’s efficiency and outside connectivity by implementing systems that interact with both cloud and carriers, and we can make voice and data communications easily accessible for multiple users across multiple sites.