Our Capabilities


Whether you’re looking to assess the current approach to a certain facet of your business or you’re considering implementing something entirely new, we’ll act as an independent third party and provide recommendations that include best-practice methodology as well as creative thinking.


We identify risks, put plans in place to address them, and ensure that IT is playing its part in helping to support your business. From auditing IT processes and system efficiencies, to evaluating security, disaster recovery plans and licensing, we’re here to do all the hard yards for you.


Regardless of size and complexity, we’re experts when it comes to systems architecture and configuration. We’ll design a blueprint that incorporates high-level strategy so you’re ready to go when you reach the implementation phase of your project.

Project management

Whether you wish to use our team or you choose to engage external vendors, we’ll manage all of the resources. Using Prince2 methodology, we’ll ensure your project is delivered seamlessly from start to finish and by the desired deadline, and we’ll provide regular project updates so you always have a handle on how things are progressing.

Mergers and acquisitions

If you’re buying out or merging with another company, we’ll provide independent advice on how to integrate all of your IT systems to enable a seamless transition and maximise productivity right from the get-go.


Demergers are typically stressful, costly and rarely uncomplicated. We can help bring some clarity to these often murky situations by mapping requirements, analysing how existing systems are being utilised, determining the implications of licensing and support contracts, and putting a migration plan in place. With our unique knowledge and advice on how to separate complex IT systems, your demerged business stands the best chance at making the successful transition to standing on its own two feet.