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Augment your existing IT infrastructure management.

What is Co-Managed Services?

Larger businesses typically have some IT management and structure in place, but the scope of their business often means some gaps remain. With Co-Managed Services, we can augment your team in ways that are far more cost-effective than if you were to employ an internal team of the size required to fill all of those gaps.

Our approach

Our Co-Managed Services offering goes far beyond simple resourcing. Whether your motivation for engaging us relates to management or support, we’re here to provide you with direction and we genuinely want to help you make the most of what we have to offer.

Our Capabilities

IT management

To be strategic, you really have to draw from a wealth of experience. If you have a junior IT team but are looking to supplement that team with some more experienced personnel, we’ll provide strategic management and overview so that you have an IT roadmap that aligns with your business goals.


All IT hardware has a shelf life, and managing the lifecycle of your equipment can often take away from your IT team’s capacity to focus on more pressing matters. So instead, have us manage the entire process — from quoting and ordering, to tracking, delivery and set-up — and we’ll keep you updated at each turn. We’ll also make sure your equipment is maintained and let you know when it’s time to cycle old equipment out for something new.

Escalation services

Even companies with expansive IT teams can benefit from external advice. If you need a third party to act as a check and balance or you’re looking for help resolving an internal issue, we’ll come in and ask the right questions to keep you on track and moving forward.

Service desk

If you have an IT manager whose role involves providing solely strategic oversight, we’ll handle all of your support and helpdesk requirements. With our efficient service desk, you can be sure all of your troubleshooting needs will be handled ASAP by someone who is both local and an expert.

Individual resourcing

You might have an IT person, but you’ll also probably recognise the risk of having a single person responsible for all of your IT support. When you bring us on board, we’ll have regular involvement with your company’s IT systems and infrastructure to ensure we’re familiar with the environment. That way, if your IT person goes on leave or calls in sick, we can seamlessly slot in and take care of things while they’re away.

Team resourcing

Some companies have IT teams of varying sizes already in place, but they occasionally have a need for additional IT resources. Whether your business is working on a particular project that requires supplementary IT support, you need subject matter experts on certain pieces of tech or you need fresh eyes to help solve unique problems, we are here to help.

Infrastructure management

If you’d rather keep your IT team focused on the bigger picture and would like to offload your server management, we’ll put our high-level skills to good use to keep your servers patched, monitored and maintained.

Vendor management

There is any number of creative things that can be done to generate savings with vendors. So whether you’re unhappy with your current providers or you’re looking to audit your existing structure, we can help. We’ll go out to market and present you with some new options, and if you’re partial to any of those, we’ll negotiate and manage the relationship on your behalf.