Technology is at the centre of the consumer experience in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s fast and reliable Wi-Fi, uninterrupted access to new payment systems or the availability of online reservations, customer amenities now have a tech slant — and they’re becoming fast becoming non-negotiable if you want to win business. But tech advantages aren’t just for consumers. With customer analytics, hospitality businesses have more access than ever before to data they need to drive customer engagement and the sales that go along with it.

We understand your industry

We’ve carved a niche in the retail and hospitality industry through our delivery of multiple tech solutions to new and existing hospitality businesses. IT in this industry is complex — there are so many systems in use at one time and they all need to work together for maximum service delivery to your customers. With so many vendors trying to sell you products with little regard for how they work together, we can act as a conduit between these vendors and your business, ensuring you have the most effective technologies for your needs with optimal function.

How we can help

Our retail and hospitality experience is comprehensive, to say the least. We’ve provided stock management, customer analytics, CCTV, point of sale and wireless solutions to a multitude of clients, each with different business types and customer bases. We’ve also been engaged to provide our full managed services offering to multiple hotels, which has included 24/7 support, reservation management, mitigation of wireless issues due to previous construction issues, project and tender management, vendor research and negotiation, cabling, full infrastructure refreshes and systems integration. Additionally, we are experienced with the following software and solutions:
  • Oracle and MICROS POS systems
  • Reservation booking systems, including online integrations
  • TimeTarget
  • ResPAK
  • Pacsoft
  • Symphony
  • TriniTEQ